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Our mission

Pekingese Rescue of South Africa rescues and receives Pekingese from many locations ranging from shelters and humane organizations to family pets regretfully given up by their caring owners for reasons beyond their control. The condition and quality of the Pekes we receive varies greatly from the neglected, abused, and forgotten to the well-kept and much-loved family member. However, all of our Pekes are carefully evaluated and provided with care in one of our foster homes with the ultimate goal of placement in a loving and responsible household which has been carefully selected based on the needs and habits of the individual dog.

All of the Pekes we receive are groomed when turned-in, receive professional medical evaluation and attention, and undergo any treatment necessary to lead a normal life. Next they are placed in competent foster homes where they are evaluated for habits, likes and dislikes. Each Pekingese remains in its foster home until a suitable permanent home is located. Basic obedience and manners are taught when possible, and we do recommend post adoption obedience training in some cases. All Pekingese are neutered or spayed before placement for adoption.

Anyone wishing to adopt a Peke is also evaluated. The prospective adopter is required to complete an adoption application which then will be either approved or rejected. When approved, the prospective new owner is urged to meet the Peke to evaluate the behaviour of both Peke and owner. A home inspection will be done by a volunteer. We do not sell Pekes but do request an adoption fee which varies from Peke to Peke.

We Love Our Pekes

While our focus is on our Rescue Programs, we strive to offer a variety of information and resources related to the breed of dogs known as Pekingese. We, here at Pekingese Rescue, have a deep affection for the Pekingese breed. These big dogs in little packages are independent, loving, and witty little dogs that contribute greatly to the homes lucky enough to have them.

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